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Pensive at Pulang.

Pensive at Pulang

(Updated) The Maami gets a box of chocolates for this:
Clutched between two paws
and a slightly wet nose
You come to me, in silence

And in your silence I find
the music of hills. And even
while I break
the moment with the snap
of my lens. The quiet remains,
all giving.
One of the pictures from Pulang, Himachal Pradesh. He is the most pensive and quietest dog I have ever met. Look at the way he ruminates, looking over the blue hills. I wish I could write a poem about him.

What I originally intended to state here was that my dog can beat (or bite?) the crap out of smilebringer's dog. But I compared once again, and thought the better about it. I love my dog anyway. As in the Cat Stevens' song, "I love my dog, as much as I love you."


So now I own this thick book Asia Grace (and therefore a considerable hole in the pocket) which contains nothing but photographs. Amazing pictures of people and landscapes from Iran to Japan, from far and wide in Asia. (Book's site has text also. Good!) But what amazed me most was the name of the photographer - Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine, author of New Rules for the New Economy and such!

The other time I was amazed this much was on seeing Rajiv Gandhi's pictures and the radio Rajiv made as a school boy, all by himself. These are on display at the Indira Gandhi memorial in New Delhi.

I like being amazed by people like this. And dogs, yes.
Tags: books, dogs, himalayas, mlp, photo, poetry, pulang, travel, treks, yhai, yp8
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